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Carpet Dyeing and Bleach spots Repair

Monster Carpet Colour Restorations are experts at all things pertaining to the restoration of colour in carpeting and rugs. We hear it from our customers all the time. “Don’t worry about that spot, I know there is nothing you can do about it.” This is their belief since that spot has been there for three years and several other “professional” cleaners were unsuccessful and told the homeowner it was permanent. Monster Clean has extensive knowledge and training in both stain removal and color repair.

If you have a bleach spill on your carpet or oriental rug, PLEASE do not do anything to it.

WATER will not neutralize the bleach.

VINEGAR will not neutralize the bleach.

DISH LIQUID or any of the chemicals under your kitchen sink will not neutralize the bleach.

Adding one or more of these things, with the exception of water, will only add to the problem, which adds to the amount of time and effort needed to neutralize and dye the bleach spot, which increases the cost to restore the color in your carpet. Call Monster Clean right away for your residential and commercial carpet dyeing needs. We will give you a free quote for bleach spot carpet dyeing! (Simply sent a pic of the bleach spots on your carpet to 0478 250 900)

  • Colour match and redye bleach spots
  • Repair colour loss caused by household chemical products, cleaning agents, etc
  • Recolour sun faded areas back to their original colour
  • Completely change the colour of your outdated carpet
  • Enhance the colour of discolored or washed out carpets
  • Restore and recolour multi-coloured patterned carpets and rugs
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  • Carpet color repair for real estate professionals:

    Landlord, property managers, buyers and sellers can save thousands in carpet replacement with color repair services from Monster Clean. Unsightly stains can be a big turn off a buyer or renter. Unsightly spots can usually be repaired, but what about that carpet that is stained beyond repair. Monster Clean may be able to re-dye the entire room to cover up dingy looking carpet and excessive staining.