5 Tips of carpet cleaning for everyone

Carpet cleaning can be difficult for anyone. Especially when you have a huge spill of coffee on your carpet and you have to clean it by yourself before guests coming in 2 hours. And then you just realize, your carpet cleaning equipment(a years old vacuum cleaner) can not extract liquid at all. Will that drive you crazy?

However, there’s always a solution.

You can make the stains looks much better than it was by simply following those carpet cleaning tips from our professional carpet cleaning team in Melbourne.

Tip No. 1  Let the cleaning solutions sit

Monster Clean carpet cleaning experts are good at deal with stains. We had seen all type of stains on carpet during the past years. Coffee, tea, color drink, blood, grease, gum, pet pee, vomit…. There are specific ways to handle each of them, and in most of cases, all those stains can be removed by our experts from Monster Carpet Clean team.

When cleaning stains on your carpet, it doesn’t matter what type of cleaning solution you use, just make sure to let the solution sit on the stain for a while. Just that simply. Do not scrub the stains immediately after applying the cleaning solution. The stains may not disappear immediately, because it will take some time to work ,and that is the best way to let the cleaning solution work. And you will not damage the carpet fibre by this way. Cover the entire effected areas with the solution you choose, and then leave it for a few minutes. Blot it up and rinse the areas with cold water, repeat the process if needed.

Tip No. 2 Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum

The most simply and effective way to keep your carpet last longer is to vacuum it. How often you should vacuum your carpet is depends on how much traffic you have in your home. More foot traffic you have means you get more dirt and dust. Those dirt and dust can damage your carpet fibre when you walk on your carpet, they just works like sand paper. Then you will find that you get color loss in those high traffic areas, which most likely all comes from the dirt and dust, and foot traffic as well.

When deciding how many times should you vacuum your carpet, consider how much traffic your carpet received in a week. You may consider to  vacuum your carpet at least 2~3 times a week.

Tip No. 3  Professional clean your carpet in a regular basis

Different type of carpet need different type of cleaning method to get the best possible results. The most important thing to do for your carpet is a yearly deep clean. Thinking by this way, how often you wash your clothes? Daily? Every time after wearing it? And then How often you wash your carpet?  That’s the thing under your foot every single day and they took the heavy foot traffic with all dirt and dust comes from outside the house. They deserve a deep clean once a year! Get the professional carpet cleaning company like Monster Carpet Cleaning to refresh and prolong the life your carpet.

Tip No. 4 Apply Scotchgard to protect your carpet

It’s not cheap to install or replace your carpet for entire house. Once we did that, we need to make sure we keep the best condition of our carpet as long as possible. The soctchgard carpet protector can keep the stains and spills from immediately seeping in. which will save you a lot from stain removal.

Tip No. 5 Choose the reliable cleaning company

Do your own research to find the best company that meets all your cleaning needs. The price will not be the only thing you looking for. Check the prior works they done and feedbacks from their past customers. The lowest bills is not on the top of list, the best result they can achieve is. Monster Clean service 30km from Mooroolbark 3138 for all carpet steam/dry cleaning, upholstery cleaning, mattress cleaning, auto cleaning, tile&grout cleaning…. For carpet dyeing, bleach spot color repair we service all Melbourne cities. Call us now on 0478 250 900

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