Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A: This depends on the cleaning system used, humidity, and temperature of the home, the density of the fiber and how soiled the carpet is.

To speed drying, use fans, open windows, turn on heater or leave air conditioner on. Monster Clean offers hot water extraction with quick dry times. Your carpeting should be dry in 2~4 hours or less.

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A: Yes, we recommend using a clean pair of socks or house shoes. Remember to use extreme caution when walking from wet carpet to any hard surface. Hard surface floors will be slippery.

A: Our average appointment lasts 1.5 hours but can vary slightly depending upon the amount of soil, specialty spotting procedures, and setup time. Ask our technician for more information.

A: No. You are welcomed to leave after the paper work has been signed and we are paid.

A: How often should I have my carpets cleaned, depends on a number of factors but mostly on how much traffic your carpets carry and how dirty they become. Most domestic carpets should be cleaned about once a year, more often if you have a young family or pets. Commercial carpets should be cleaned more frequently, particularly in high traffic areas or in areas subject to frequent spills and spoils, for example, a restaurant. Remember, too long an interval between cleans will inevitably lead to premature carpet wear.

A: Our technicians are highly trained professionals. They use a special range of cleaning solutions. However some stains may have set, which means they could be permanent. So we can’t guarantee to remove every stain.

A: Carpet steam cleaning involves usage of hot water extraction process, while on the other hand carpet dry cleaning involves use of very less water in the form of cotton absorbent pads that are immersed in hot water to scrub the carpet. Both the methods have effective results providing they are used appropriately by skilled technicians. The Monster Carpet Cleaning team will inspect your carpet and then decide which cleaning method would be more suitable for you.

A: If you have access to a tape measure, that would help but if you don’t there is a rough way to work this out to. With a tape measure, measure one side of your carpeted area or rug, and write measurements in meters down, then measure the other side of your carpeted area and write that measurement in meters down too. Once you have both measurements, multiply one by the other and you have your square meter size.

A simple example is a rug that measures 3 meters across and 4 meters long is going to be 12 square meters in size.

As mentioned earlier, if you don’t have a tape measure handy, you can work this out yourself. One large step for an adult is roughly one meter so pace out the measurements of your space in a similar way to how we described above and you will get this size.

A: For best results, we ask that you move smaller items and breakables prior to cleaning. Due to Health & Safety Regulations, we do not move large items of furniture. We usually clean around and under larger items where possible.

A: We accept cash of course, but also Mastercard, Visa or Eftpos( 2.8% transaction fee applied for card payment).  Payment is due on the day of cleaning, once you are happy with the result. We will provide you with a receipt upon payment, which is important for end of lease cleaning.