How Easily Germs Accumulate On Carpet

How Easily Do Germs Accumulate On Carpet?

Did you know that carpets are extremely prone to germ accumulation? It is easy for us to take our carpets for granted; however, without proper maintenance and care, our carpets can be a breeding ground for germs and other harmful microorganisms.

Because of this, it is important that you take the right measures and precautions to ensure that your carpet is not a breeding ground for harmful particles.

If you would like to learn more about how germs accumulate on carpets and what to do to prevent or maintain this, then feel free to keep reading below. 

Germ Accumulation On Carpets

Unfortunately, it is very easy for carpets to accumulate germs. In fact, it is generally quite easy for carpets to accumulate other particulates such as dirt, dust, mould, bacteria, and more.

Carpets can easily absorb organic matter such as food, moisture, dirt, dust, pet dander, and more. Once all of these particles break down, it can sink deep into your carpet and rot. The worst-case scenario begins when there are small organisms that feed on this rotting organic matter.

Germs usually arise when carpets are moist. This can occur due to spillage or being located within a moist environment. Because of this, carpets can be a breeding ground for different kinds of germs and bacteria, some of which include salmonella, campylobacter, and E. coli. These bacteria commonly breed when the carpets are moist or when there is dirt dragged in from outside.

Shockingly, carpets are capable of holding many times their own weight in dirt. Even more alarmingly, carpets can hold up to 200,000 bacteria per square inch, which is about 4,000 times more than your toilet. Sounds pretty disgusting, right?

Hence, carpet cleaning and maintenance is critical not only to keep your carpet fresh but to protect the health of you and your loved ones. 

How Easily Germs Accumulate On Carpet

How To Keep Your Carpet Germ-Free

Having germs on your carpet may sound scary, but there are different steps that you can take to mitigate and prevent excessive germ build-up. While some of these can be performed by you, it is also helpful to seek assistance from a professional carpet cleaning service. Here are just a few of preventive steps down below:

1). Take Your Shoes Off

Shoes can bring in a variety of dirt and germs into your home. The easiest way to prevent this is to not walk on your carpets with shoes on. This will greatly decrease the spread of dirt and germs, especially if there is heavy traffic in your home.

2). Wipe Pet Paws Down

Germs can quickly spread by pets. It may be impossible to completely eliminate germs from pets, but wiping down their paws can definitely make a difference.

3). Seek Professional Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning your carpet is one of the best ways to get rid of harmful germs and bacteria in your carpet. Having your carpets professional cleaned on a regular basis is recommended especially since your carpet can be cleaned from deep within. This will make all the difference in comparison to simply vacuum cleaning.

4). Professional Disinfection And Sanitation

Aside from having your carpets professionally cleaned, it is also recommended to have them professionally disinfected and sanitised. This is another effective way to prevent the accumulation of germs. More importantly, a professional service will know what tools or solutions are necessary to not only produce a healthier carpet but a brand-new-looking one too. 

How Easily Germs Accumulate On Carpet 1


Carpets are prone to germ accumulation, which can in turn affect our health by leading to harmful illnesses. Therefore, the importance of cleaning your carpet is essential to maintaining a healthy environment at home.

However, aside from professional cleaning and disinfection, there are also other things you can do to prevent germ accumulation. Some of this includes not wearing shoes on your carpet and wiping down pet paws.

Overall, it is important to regularly maintain and care for your carpet not only to keep it aesthetically pleasing but to protect the health of you and your loved ones as well. 

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