How Long for Carpet to Dry After Steam Cleaning?

The drying time will vary depending on a number of factors.


How dirty your carpet is, plays an important role the length of time it takes for the carpet to dry.

The reason is that more water may need to be used in cleaning the carpet to rinse the dirt and stains off. This can require more drying time because of the additional water.


The most important factor in how long your carpet take to dry after cleaning is ventilation. It can take a very long time to dry if the room is closed up without ventilation after carpet steam cleaning has been done.

(1) Open windows

(2) Turn the air conditioner on (dehumidifier function can take moisture out of the air without affecting the temperature too much.)

(3) Celling fans and/or stand-alone fans, Which will keep the air moving as much as possible


Drying time: Natural fibers take longer time to dry than synthetic fibers

                       Longer pile traps more water and so takes longer to dry.

How Monster Clean offering the deepest cleaning with shorter drying time

Truck mount carpet steam machine

  1. High Operating Temperatures. Hot water evaporates faster, it is a simple fact. So, the carpet cleaned with high temperature steam will dry much faster.
  2. Massive Vacuum Blower. Which means more water will be extracted from your carpet. Truck mount carpet cleaning machines are powered by a gasoline engine. The engine turns a piston at around 3,000 RPMs and creates suction for up to 60 meters of hose.
  3. More info:

Portable air movers

  1. High airflow for rapid drying
  2. Aids air circulation and ventilation

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