How Get Pet Urine Out Upholstery

How To Get Pet Urine Out Of Upholstery?

Pets are valuable members of the family. However, there are occasional times where it can be frustrating to take care of them, especially if they accidentally urinate on your furniture!

The good news is that there is still a way to get rid of pet urine out of upholstery. By using the right tools and acting fast, the pet urine in your upholstery should be gone in no time. If you are interested in learning more about how to get rid of pet urine from your upholstery, then feel free to explore this article with us. 

Removing Pet Urine From Upholstery

When it comes to removing pet urine from upholstery, it is important to act quickly. Here are a few steps you can take if your pet urinated on your upholstery:

Step 1. Blot And Press

In this step, it is important that you do NOT rub or scrub. Rather, you should blop and press the urine spot so that the moisture does not spread to other areas of your upholstery. Make sure to use a white cloth or a paper towel and press down hard on the wet spot. Once you have finished, leave another piece of cloth or pile of paper towels on the spot to soak up some more.

Step 2. Use An Enzymatic Cleaner

Urine contains uric acid, which is what causes the odour of urine. It is not water-soluble, therefore it will not respond to water-based cleanup methods. Therefore, it is more conducive to use an enzymatic cleaner, which is capable of breaking down the uric acid and thus removing the smell. 

Before applying the enzymatic cleaner, test the cleaner in a small or less visible place on the furniture. This is to see whether the enzymatic cleaner will cause stains or if the dye in your upholstery will be affected. If it does not cause any damage to the upholstery, use the enzymatic cleaner to soak the affected area. Let it soak as deep as the urine has penetrated, then allow it to sit for 10-15 minutes. 

How Get Pet Urine Out Upholstery

Step 3. Cover The Area And Let Dry

Cover the area soaked in the enzymatic cleaner with a towel or anything to prevent your pet or a person from sitting on that spot. If the stain and cleaner penetrated the upholstery deeply, then it can take a few days to dry. 

Another Cleaning Alternative

If you do not have an enzymatic cleaner at home, there is another alternative you can try out. All you will need is detergent, vinegar, and water. 

Step 1. Blot And Press…Again

Blot the urine stain with a piece of cloth to soak up excess urine. Remember to press lightly, or else you may spread the stain. If the stain is still fresh, using a wet or dry vacuum can help.

Step 2. Create The Solution

In a small bowl, mix together 1 tablespoon of dish-washing liquid with 2 cups of cold water. Add 1 tablespoon of vinegar and gently stir together. The vinegar is added to help disinfect the area and break down the acid in the urine.

Step 3. Apply The Solution

Dip a clean cloth into the solution then gently sponge the urine stain. Start on the outside of the stain and work your way towards the centre. Repeat this action as necessary. Once finished, rinse out the detergent residues by blotting the area with a damp cloth.

Step 4. Blot Once More

After completing step 3, use another dry piece of cloth to gently blot the area until it’s dry. 

How Get Pet Urine Out Upholstery

When To Call A Professional Service

While it is possible for you to remove pet urine yourself from your upholstery, there are certain situations where it is recommended to ask a professional carpet cleaning service to do this for you. For example, if your upholstery is made of silk, antique, or vintage upholstery, consider consulting with a professional.

If the methods you have performed were not effective, then it is also recommended to contact a trusty professional. A professional will be able to offer their skills, knowledge, and tools to help steam clean your upholstery and restore it back to normal.


When it comes to removing pet urine from upholstery, it is important to act quickly in order to avoid the stain from really penetrating deep into the fabric, which then makes it harder to remove.

By following the steps highlighted above, you have a much better chance of being able to get rid of the stain before the stain has a permanent impact on your upholstery.

However, for best results, it really is recommended to utilise the services of a professional cleaning service.

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