Over the past decade Monster Clean has grown due to the positive reviews and recommendations from our customers. It is gratifying how many happy customers have referred Monster Clean to their family members and friends.

We believe in full transparency. Therefore, we have listed our pricing on our website and social media. So customers can have an idea about the cost of services they looking for instantly. Any special needs like stain removal/odor control are evaluated on site, so we can be accurate and give final price.

Customer’s Satisfaction is always our priority, we want to offer our customer the best service and the cheapest price. But the fact is the cheap cheap price can not afford to buy the right tools to do the best job. we believe our competitive price is reasonable.

Carpet Steam / Dry Cleaning

  • Bedroom   ( Up to 12 sqm )         $50.00
  • Hallway     ( Up to 12 sqm )         $50.00
  • Lounge      ( Up to 12 sqm )         $50.00
  • Dining        ( Up to 12 sqm )         $50.00
  • Staircase  ( Up to 12 stairs )        $70.00

*Minimun charge $200 per job

*Multi level cleaning, very large rooms or passages, areas with heavy soiling or special stain & odor removal may incur an extra charge. Please let us know of any special cleaning needs prior.

Fabric Lounge Suite Cleaning

$45 per seat (width of seat up to 60cm) for couch with FIXED cushions
$55 per seat (width of seat up to 60cm) for couch with DETACHABLE cushions(If both sides of cushion need to be cleaned)

Chaise usually count as 1.5 – 2 seats

$80 for armchair and recliner

*Minimun charge $200 per job

Tile & Grout / Hard Floor Cleaning

Price: $8.00 per sqm, $60 each for the rooms/areas smaller than 8 sqm

*Minimum Charge $250.00

Mattress Steam Cleaning

Cot or small mattress                   $79.00

Single                                               $89.00

Double                                              $99.00

Queen                                               $109.00

King                                                   $129.00

Anti-Allergen Treatments
(For Carpet / Upholstery / Mattress)

Carpet: $29.00 per room

Lounges: $19.00 per seat

Mattress: $20.00 ~ $45.00

Carpet / Lounges Protection

Carpet: $5.00 per sqm

Lounges: $40 per seat