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Hard Floor Cleaning

Driveways/Pavers/Pool Decks/Concrete Cleaning

Your driveway is the first part of your home people see. Cleaning it can make a huge difference to the first impression people have and improve the value of your property.

Over time driveways become affected by dust, soil, leaf stains, coolant and oil stains. Porous and partially shaded driveways mays also suffer from mould and mildew, which is unsafe and may result in the concrete or paver surface eroding and pitting.

Our specialist cleaning processes will leave surfaces clean and safer. Take another look at your driveway, paths and patio areas and ask yourself – do they still look good?

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  • Oil Stain Removal

    We utilise a 4 step oil stain removal process. First we apply an industrial degreaser and allow it to soak and break down the oils. The stains are then cleaned with a rotary jet tool.

    Next we apply a commercial stain removal product and allow for it to soak and chemically react. Stubborn stains are brushed carefully to work the stain removal agent into the masonry surface.

    The stain is then stripped again with a special high pressure tool for the best outcome.

  • Anti-Mould Treatment

    Stone and concrete pavers and even concrete driveways, paths and patios can fall victim to staining brought on by mildew, moss and algae.

    If left unchecked the area becomes slippery and the masonry surface can become permanently pitted.

    We not only clean the surface we also treat remnants of mould and mildew with a mould remover.