The Things You Need To Consider About Carpet Cleaning

Carpet is one of the most common type of flooring in modern house, it provides comfort and warmth to our feet. However, it can hold much of dust and dirt even with vacuuming 2~3 times a week.

Carpet cleaning is not easy for most of us, and a lot of things can affect your carpet’s cleanliness. The high traffic areas will need the most attention for the cleaning. There are a few of things we will need to deal with when we consider of carpet cleaning.

  1. Over wet

Your carpet has a great chance to get over wet when your carpet steam cleaning machine is not powerful enough to extract the dirt water from your carpet. It’s hard for people without any carpet cleaning experience, people simply don’t know how much water they can put on their carpet, and if the machine they use is capable to recovering that much water and leaving their carpet dry enough to not get over wetting, which will cause a lot of problems like longer drying time, rapid resoiling, mold…

You will benefit from a powerful carpet steam cleaning machine, which will reduce the chance greatly for over wetting and chemical residue in your carpet. Take a look of the machine Monster Clean use, get your carpet cleaned properly!

  1. Browning

You might have experienced a brown spot coming back after steam cleaning when carpet dried completely. This is normally caused by carpet wicking, the spot might be a large spill which already went through your carpet to the underlay or even the subfloor. The standard steam cleaning will only clean the surface of your carpet, the stains may looks disappeared after steam cleaning. However, the stains may comes back during the drying process. Because there is a large amount of spill underneath your carpet, which can pop up to the surface slowly. If you decide to hire a professional carpet cleaner, make sure tell the cleaner what the spills or stains are, which will help the cleaner to choose the best method to clean the stains and lower the chance of browning or wicking. Monster Clean are the expert of carpet stain removal.

  1. Rapid resoiling

How long your carpet can stay clean after a steam cleaning? How quick your carpet looks dirty again? There are 2 main reasons for rapid resoiling. First, improper cleaning detergent was used to clean the carpet. High PH or any harsh cleaning chemical can make your carpet fiber lose it softness and track dirt and dust quickly. Second, chemical residue on your carpet will lead to quick resoiling as well. The extraction power of steam machine will effect how much chemical residue is leaving behind in your carpet after a steam cleaning.  A DIY portable steam machine most likely are not powerful enough for water recovering (the vacuum motor in portable steam machine is about the same size that in a household vacuum cleaner). At Monster Clean Melbourne we know the cleaning detergent we use, which are mostly PH neutral and safe for children and pets. And we guaranteed the all cleaning detergent we put down will be extracted 100% from your carpet, nothing will be left behind except a clean and soft carpet.

  1. Color loss & fading

There are a lot of different types of carpet fibers in the market we can choose from. Your carpet can loss 3~5% color each year due to the foot traffic and sunlight. Especially in high traffic area like entrance and hallway, and the areas with direct exposure to sunlight. Some type of carpet fiber are sensitives to chemical and substances, which might be the reason of discoloration as well. At Monster Clean Melbourne we carry more than 40 different cleaning detergent and stains remover in our van. Different type of carpet and stains will be treated differently to get the best possible result.



Choosing the most experienced carpet cleaner with the best cleaning method can get your carpet cleaned and stay cleaned for a much longer period. Looking for the best carpet cleaner in Melbourne? Monster Carpet & Hard Floor Cleaning will be your best choice, we service residential, commercial and industrial in Melbourne most suburbs. Call 0478 250 900

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