DIY Carpet/Rug Cleaning Can Go Wrong

DIY carpet cleaning can be a cost-effective option for small areas or minor stains, and it allows you to clean your carpets on your own schedule. However, it can be difficult to achieve the same level of deep cleaning as a professional cleaner. Additionally, using the wrong cleaning solution or not properly extracting water can cause damage to your carpet.

Professional carpet cleaning, on the other hand, typically provides a deeper clean and will be more effective in removing tough stains and odors. They are equipped with powerful equipment and professional-grade cleaning solutions. They also have the experience and knowledge to properly clean and maintain your carpet.

Ultimately, the choice between DIY and professional cleaning will depend on the specific needs of your carpet, your budget, and your own cleaning capabilities. If you have a large area, heavy soiling, or delicate carpets, it may be best to hire a professional cleaner to ensure that your carpets are cleaned properly and safely.

DIY rug cleaning can go wrong in several ways:

  1. Using the wrong cleaning solution: Many store-bought cleaning solutions contain harsh chemicals that can damage or discolor your rug. Using the wrong solution can also cause shrinkage or discoloration.

  2. Over-wetting the rug: If you use too much water, it can take too long for the rug to dry, which can lead to mold, mildew, or bacteria growth. It can also cause the rug to become misshaped or shrink.

  3. Not properly extracting the water: If you don’t properly extract the water from the rug, it can lead to the same issues as over-wetting. Additionally, if not all of the cleaning solution and dirt is removed, it can leave a residue that can attract dirt and make the rug look dirtier.

  4. Damaging the fibers: Improper cleaning can damage the fibers of the rug, making it look worn or discolored.

  5. Not identifying the fiber material: Some fibers are more delicate than others and require specific cleaning methods, If you don’t know the fiber material of your rug, it’s best to consult with professional rug cleaner.

  6. Not using the right equipment: DIY cleaning methods often rely on basic equipment such as a vacuum cleaner or a rental machine which may not be effective at removing deep-seated dirt or stains.

It’s important to consider the value and sentimental of your rug before trying to clean it yourself, because professional rug cleaner may have the knowledge, experience and equipment to clean it properly and safely. At Monster Clean we have lots of experience for all different type of rugs, call us as soon as possible when you have a spill or accident, we will get it cleaned like it never exists

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