Does Carpet Steam Cleaning Remove Stains

Does Carpet Steam Cleaning Remove Stains?

Are your carpets looking a little run down? Trying to experiment with other cleaning methods, but feel unsure? A popular cleaning method for tired-looking carpet is steam cleaning, and if your carpet has pesky stains, then this cleaning method is for you!

If you have accidentally spilled red wine on your carpet or noticed a stain that has been on your carpet for way too long, steam cleaning is an effective method for cleaning most types of stains. So what is cleaning, and how does it remove stains? Feel free to read all about it below!

What Is Steam Cleaning? How Does It Work?

Steam cleaning is a cleaning method that makes use of hot, vaporised water that is blasted onto carpets at high pressure. The combination of heat and moisture is an effective combination to break down dirt, grime, and oils. Additionally, the suction from the vacuum machine sucks up all debris so that the carpet is completely free of dirt.

Mild cleaning chemicals are occasionally added in the steam cleaning process to help provide subtle fragrances and further deep cleaning.

Can Carpet Steam Cleaning Remove Stains?

In most cases, carpet steam cleaning can remove stains, but it depends on the type of stain. For example, for stains such as drastic lipstick stains that are waxy in composition, something heavier than steam may be required to break down the stain. 

Luckily, there are ways by which you can tell whether a stain can be removed. One method that professional carpet cleaners do is spot cleaning. Spot cleaning is done before steam cleaning so that professional carpet cleaners will know whether or not steam can remove the stain and whether other methods should be employed.

Does Carpet Steam Cleaning Remove Stains

The Benefits Of Steam Cleaning

There are various benefits associated with steam cleaning. These benefits not only lead to a healthier, fresher looking carpet but can even protect the health of you and your family. Some of these benefits include the following:

1). Steam Cleaning Is Non-Toxic

Traditional methods of cleaning carpets often use heavy chemicals such as bleach that can be toxic to your health. Major health concerns due to these chemicals include allergies, skin problems, even cancer. Meanwhile, steam cleaning does not use harsh chemicals nor produce any fumes or residue. They’re much safer to use for both the carpet and your health.

2). Steam Cleaning Kills Pests

Carpets are prone to housing pests such as bed bugs, dust mites, and more. Unlike chemicals, steam can penetrate deeply into carpets, rendering these pests unable to survive in such high temperatures.

3). Steam Cleaning Is A Natural Sanitiser

Steam is a natural steriliser as it is able to kill up to 99.99% of germs and bacteria. This is a great way to minimise and prevent illnesses from germs and viruses. Additionally, 犀利士 am-cleaning-remove-mould-from-carpet/” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>steam cleaning can kill mould without leaving residue behind. 

Does Carpet Steam Cleaning Remove Stains

4). Steam Cleaning Is Environmentally Friendly

Steam is produced by just heating normal tap water. The absence of chemicals means that any waste produced in the steam cleaning process is non-toxic. This means that wastes that are washed storm water drains, for example, will not contaminate our water systems and general environment. 

5). Steam Cleaning Is A Natural Deodoriser

Because steam can kill bacteria, it can eliminate unpleasant odours from persisting in your carpet. It can also be used to deodorise pet beds, bathrooms, and other areas that will need a deep clean.


Steam cleaning is a deep cleaning method that can help remove dirt from carpets, deodorise unpleasant smells, kill bacteria, remove mould, and protect your health. More importantly, steam cleaning can also lift stains, though it will depend on what stain it is. A spot cleaning check can be conducted to assess whether steam cleaning can lift the stain. If not, other cleaning methods may be employed to address the situation.

In any case, it is best to consult with a professional steam carpet cleaning service so that they may be able to carry out a safe carpet cleaning process.

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