Why Defoamers Used Carpet Cleaners

Why Are Defoamers Used In Carpet Cleaners?

Carpet cleaning is an extremely important task. Not only does it extend the life of your carpet and even help protect your health from dust, allergens, and debris, but it makes use of techniques that will clean your carpet and make it look brand new.

One of these techniques includes using a defoamer. A defoamer is one of the key chemicals you can use to help not only clean carpets but even upholstery. 

If you want to learn more about defoamers and why they are used in carpet cleaning, then please keep on reading before for more!

What Are Defoamers?

Defoamers are a chemical that is used to clean carpets and upholstery. It ensures that the dirty water or cleaning solution mixture does not foam up. 

Defoamers are commonly used in carpet cleaning machines or extraction machines. In these machines, it is normal for the foam to build up. However, it is important to control this foam in order to avoid the vacuum motors from sustaining water damage. 

Why Defoamers Used Carpet Cleaners

Many extractors contain a cutoff mechanism that inhibits water from overflowing into the vacuum motors. However, if foam buildup is significant, this can trigger the cutoff too early. This forces the cleaning technician to halt work so that the extractor can be emptied.

In worst-case scenarios, the foam can sneak past the cutoff mechanism and cause dirty water to enter the vacuum motors and leak onto the clean floor. This is another cleaning requirement that is not necessary in the first place.

As such, using a defoaming agent allows you to maximise your waste-water tank space and dedicate more time to actually cleaning carpets rather than maintaining your machine. 

There are homemade defoamers such as salt or dishwashing soap that you can use. However, it is best to consult professional carpet cleaners as they will have all the necessary chemicals and tools you need if you want a brand new looking carpet. 

What Is A Carpet Extraction Machine?

Right now, you’re probably wondering what a carpet extraction machine is anyway. A carpet extraction machine is a special machine that is used to clean carpets and remove dirt and stains. Unlike a vacuum that can leave deposits and residue that can accumulate over time, a carpet extractor is much more efficient for cleaning and stain removal.

Carpet extractors make use of a mild solution of hot or cold water mixed with a cleaning chemical to be applied to the carpet. Once the carpet absorbs the cleaning solution, it is vacuumed up by the carpet extractor and into the machine for later disposal. 

Carpet extractors are specialised devices to clean carpets. Carpets are commonly composed of fibres that are cut, knotted and attached to a certain backing material. They are also made of various types of fabrics and materials. 

Why Defoamers Used Carpet Cleaners

Given this, using a carpet extractor with the right cleaning solution can help clean carpets of all fabrics and types. It is able to conduct general carpet cleaning or spot cleaning, which involves removing isolated stains that are extremely hard to remove normally. 

As such, the importance of using a defoamer is quite important to maintain a carpet extractor. Not only does it help reduce the amount of foaming and prevent unnecessary spillage, but it can even help extend the life of the carpet extractor machine.

Final Thoughts

Carpet extraction machines are commonly used to clean carpets. Unlike regular vacuums that can cause dirt build-up, carpet extractors make use of a cleaning solution that will be absorbed by the carpet and ultimately vacuumed up.

The dirty water produced by this process is stored inside the carpet extractor itself. However, sometimes this can lead to a significant amount of foam.

As such, a defoamer is used to prevent significant foam build-up. Foam build-up can lead to problems such as water damage to the vacuum motors and cause wastewater spillage. 

Using a defoamer can not only prevent unnecessary damage from being caused but can extend the lifespan of the carpet extractor machine and provide a much more swift and convenient carpet cleaning experience by removing all dirt and grime. 

It is best to consult with a professional carpet cleaning service who will be able to efficiently clean your carpet with all the right chemicals, solutions, and equipment for your carpet.

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