Do Need Vacuum Before Steam Cleaning Carpet

Do You Need To Vacuum Before Steam Cleaning Carpet?

Have you ever wondered whether it was necessary or not to vacuum your carpet before steam cleaning? The short answer is: yes! You should always vacuum first. But why is that? There are a couple of reasons why it is better to vacuum your carpet before it undergoes steam cleaning. Generally, this precaution makes the […]

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How Get Coffee Stains Out Carpet

How To Get Coffee Stains Out Of Carpet?

Are you a coffee drinker? Have you ever accidentally spilled coffee on your carpet? Worry not, because we’re here to help you solve this problem! When hot coffee is accidentally spilled onto your carpet, it can bind to the fabric and become quite challenging to remove. However, while general carpet stains may be tough to […]

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How Dirty Carpet Affecting Your Home

How Is Dirty Carpet Affecting Your Home?

We often take our carpets for granted. After all, they are a great way to help elevate your home’s aesthetic appeal and really bring your whole room together. However, did you know that dirty carpet actually has detrimental effects on your home? The dangers of not cleaning your carpets are often overlooked or even unheard […]

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How Steam Cleaning Upholstery Work

How Does Steam Cleaning Upholstery Work?

Have you ever wondered how upholstery can be steam cleaned? This is a question a lot of people think about because upholstery – which comes in all shapes, sizes, and materials – might seem difficult to clean. However, there are effective ways to clean upholstery. One of the most effective ways is to perform steam […]

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